Bizmica Wants to Be THE Business Management System for SMBs

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Bizmica Wants to Be THE Business Management System for SMBs

Small businesses can’t really afford expensive enterprise management software. But their needs for a software to keep a tab on the business is as pressing as it is for a large corporation. Bizmica, a product developed by Ahmadabad based Pratikar Technologies wants to solve this problem.

The solution, born out of a consulting assignment, can be used to manage inventory and keep a tab on other business related parameters. The system is capable of tracking purchases, distribution, orders, invoices, payments and returns. It is typically suited for a retail business, where inventory management is key.

A business owner can access all customer information on a single screen, and keep a tab on products and stocks. It even generates a barcode for a product. The solution can print or send invoices.


The solution, built on the Microsoft stack, has a responsive design and clean interface. Based on our brief trial, we felt that the product is a bit rough around the edges.  But we think that it could be useful for businesses. An easy signup and upfront pricing would have helped its case as a true SaaS product.

Kaushal Bhavsar, the founder of Pratikar tells me that it could cost anywhere between Rs 5,000 – Rs 75,000 based on the number of users, years of contract and add on features. The system doesn’t integrate with traditional accounting systems like Tally yet, but the company is working on it, says Bhavsar.

To sign up, you need to fill up a form and the team gets back to you with details. Implementation will probably need some hand-holding to go with it.

The solution developed by YFS India, about which I’d written about earlier, is capable of similar functions.

On a slight tangent: SaaS doesn’t sell itself. Such products need to be nurtured & distributed in many different ways. So it is up to the team to throw its weight behind a product & make it fly.

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