Mobisy launches Bizom, wants to be the app factory enabling SME Automation

Some of the major challenges faced by manufacturing units includes poor visibility on credit in the market with retail outlets, outlet level sales and there is hardly any process to track and manage credit given to salesman. Moreover, distributors need to match inventory with daily sales/returns and at the end of the day, take care of correctly accounting cash,credit or check sales.

Bangalore based Mobisy has launched Bizom, a mobile (only) cloud solution optimized to the need of enterprise business owners. Bizom automates your internal processes so you spend less time on data collection, data entry and fixing manual error and more time on increasing your sales.bizom

Bizom is targeted at small and medium manufacturers and distributors in India. The company provides an easy way to automate their businesses using abundantly available Mobile phones and tablets through cloud without the need of on premise software and infrastructure.

The company has launched several workflows using the platform, with VAN Sales automation and Order Management being the initial focus and is targeting Indian manufacturing industry.

VAN sales automation allows distributors and manufacturers to track secondary sales right from mobile handset of your salesman. Bizom VAN sales automation solution allows your salesman to book sales directly from their own mobile handset. The Van sales workflow takes care of daily routine of salesman from the time they picks up their inventory to warehouse till end of day when they return unsold inventory back to depot. Your sales manager can set daily routes for your salesman based on GPS information collected using Mobiles of your salesman.  VAN sales automation is integrated with discount management so you can plan your discounts better. Salesman can print receipts in field using a bluetooth printer so you can now wish goodbye to manual billing. Inventory management module allows you to track inventory changes in all your depots in one shot and set alerts when inventory of a particular SKU goes below your desired limit.

Bizom’s order management solution workflow allows sales rep to capture orders right from their mobile phones. Sales managers can plan and track field salesman activity, set targets and track achievements. Distributors can view, track and fulfill the orders using a simple web based backend. Company gets detailed analytic reports on orders taken by salesman and secondary sales done by distributor.

As far as current traction is concerned, the company has 15 customers with 300+ users and 5000+ daily transactions and the product is priced at Rs. 500/user.

Why mobile only? Aren’t SMBs look at a complete suite? Or is that (the complete suite) a bloatedness-in-making?

Lalit, founder of Mobisy shares

Bizom is a complete suite for workflow automation. Primary access for field force is mobile phone/tablet. For middle management and higher management primary access point is through Browser or Tablet app. In the geographic markets we are targeting, field force is already trained on mobile and finds automation easy to use from their mobile device. 

Whereas any computer/laptop based automation has lots of lead training involved and success rate is questionable. In India where we have maximum traction as of now, smartphones and data plans are available at price points which make mobile based automation extremely attractive to SMEs and that dictates our focus to make it easy for Mobile field force..

The company is launching newer workflows and future plans include automation of other processes of current verticals and opening new verticals. That is, be the app factory for SME automation.

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