NaMo Launches Clever Mobile Campaign to Crowdsource Voter Information

BJP is resorting to multi-level-marketing (MLM) and crowdsourcing to gather its voter database.

india272The main political opposition party in India is resorting to multi-level-marketing (MLM) and crowdsourcing to gather its voter database. The BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has launched what it calls the NamoNumber initiative, to crowdsource voter IDs and phone numbers of NaMo supporters.

The initiative requires all Narendra Modi supporters to SMS their voter ID to 7820078200 following which you will receive your NamoNumber. It’s like a rank which you can track on the party’s India272+ portal. Your NamoNumber is basically the the total number of people you have convinced to pledge their support to NaMo. The more people joining under you, the higher your NaMoNumber rank is.

“We need every BJP supporter’s effort to translate into votes this election, NamoNumber helps identify every supporter and will ensure they vote on Election Day,” said Narendra Modi during the launch.

The initiative should allow BJP to have a better idea about its supporters and volunteers across the urban region at least. The data collected through this initiative will also allow the party to better target its voter base for election campaign promotions. As a result we could also see a lot of unwanted messages from the party.


The multi level marketing feature of the initiative kicks in at Level 2, in which volunteers get family, friends, colleagues and neighbours in their social network to SMS their Voter ID followed by your mobile number to 78200 78200, to increase your NaMoNumber (Level 1). The next step is to get their friends to do the same (Level 2).

The site also says that it’s members will have an opportunity to volunteer for the campaign and also give inputs for the local manifesto for the Parliamentary Constituency.

Earlier in January this year, BJP website started accept online donations.

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