News Roundup: BJP website hacked by Anonymous, India approves national IT policy, Call rates may fall


News Roundup: BJP website hacked by Anonymous, India approves national IT policy, Call rates may fall

BJP website hacked by Anonymous

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s  website has been hacked by the “Anonymous” hacking group on Tuesday night. The group posted several message on the website including a video (link) hosted on YouTube by AnonD3vil. According to the message in video, Government of India has been trying to stifle freedom of speech from past few months over internet and social media. The hackers also posted a message against Foreign Direct Investment in retail and recent fuel price hike and posted pictures that allegedly show administrative brutality in the country. The attackers also appealed people of India to join the ‘Occupy India’ movement to get rid of the corrupt politicians, and correct the system in a way where the people hold power not the representatives.

National IT policy approved by Government, aims to make 1 person e-literate per family

The Government has approved the National Policy on Information Technology, that aims to make at least one individual in every household e-literate with several other objectives. The Policy was made to strengthen India’s position as the Global IT hub and using technology as an engine for rapid, inclusive and sustainable growth of the national economy. It aims to help increase revenues of the Indian IT and ITeS industry from $ 88 billion to $ 300 billion by 2020 and ramp up exports from $ 59 billion to $ 200 billion by 2020. The policy will also promote innovation and R&D in cutting edge technologies and development of applications and solutions in areas like localisation, location-based services, mobile-value added services, cloud computing, social media and utility models. [Source]

Call rates may fall as TRAI decided to cut inter-operator fees

Telecom tariffs expected to come down as TRAI is reducing inter-operator charge which is paid between two operators. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has specified new ceiling rates, which is at Rs 10,000 a year for fixed line telephone calls and at Rs 4,000 for mobile services. Currently, operators pay around Rs 39,000 to each other. Reduction in these charges would affect the tariffs if the operators chose to pass on the benefit to the consumer. [via]

Mobile firms to challenge TRAI’s order over VAS

Mobile operators have decided not to comply with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s order on taking consumers’ consent before activating any value-added services (VAS). The operators have prepared a legal petition challenging the TRAI order which would be filed with the telecom dispute tribunal this week. In July 2011, the TRAI issued a regulation that instructed operators to seek the consent of subscribers before activating any value-added service. The operators were supposed to obtain confirmation from the consumer through an SMS, e-mail, a fax or in writing within 24 hours of activation of the VAS. However, even after one year, the operators are yet to comply with instructed rules.

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