BJP To Launch A WhatsApp Like Service. Can We Please Stop This, Here?

So the ruling party, i.e. BJP is planning a WhatsApp like service called Bhajapa Samvad Setu.

“..during the last Lok Sabha and assembly polls, the party extensively used the WhatsApp platform, but because of a large number of messages appearing on it, many a time, youth avoided looking at them. whatsapp

At present, the service is at the testing stage and if all goes well, then this multimedia messaging service would be launched before local body elections (in Indore).

The messaging service would have a lot of informative messages for the benefit of the people, he said. People would be able to exchange text, audio-video and photos on this service, which citizens too would be able to use, besides BJP workers, he said.” [Senior office bearer of the BJP’s state level information technology cell/Via]

While it’s not clear whether BJP wants to use the messaging service for internal use or use it as a tool to engage with others; but one thing is clear – there is a need for a messaging-app-as-a-service product model, which will enable some of these organisations to get started asap.

What are your thoughts? Aside, do we really so much of social efforts?

Take a look at this – Prime Minister on his personal site has ensured that the focus of all messaging is in social-media-friendly format.

Overtly Social?
Overtly Social?

Maybe, time to show some action, instead of winning social media? Tools can’t drive government, right?

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