BK Birla is Back at Asklaila; Looking to Rebuild the Team

Former Asklaila (and ZopNow) co-founder, BK Birla will be reclaiming his position at the local information services marketplace, he said in a blog post.

“OK, so that sums it up. Starting another inning at AskLaila. It was fun creating this brand long time back and I still feel that there is a lot more we can do with this. Over the years, we have done few things good, few things bad and few things outright ugly.”


Birla was recently ousted from online grocery store ZopNow due to differences within the company.

Birla used to be the co-founder and CTO at Asklaila back in 2006. The company had last raised $10 million in funding from LightSpeed ventures in 2007. Birla’s blog post also indicated that Asklaila will be rebuilding their team.

“And as part of this, I am looking at rebuilding the team. So if you are passionate about the internet and startup scene, just ping me. Looking at building a short and sweet team.”

Asklaila used to be the data leader in its space till 2009, serving better results in Bangalore than rival Justdial. It will be interesting to see how Birla’s return will revive Asklaila’s fortune.

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