BlaBlaCar Partners With Ixigo To Offer Travellers Ridesharing As An Alternative To Buses & Trains

Ridesharing app BlaBlaCar has entered into a partnership with travel marketplace ixigo, allowing it to advertise its ridesharing service to users of Ixigo’s website and app.
When users search for city-to-city travel solutions on Ixigo, they will now be shown information about available car ridesharing options on BlaBlaCar (similar to the partnership between Google and Uber).
The move will give users of Ixigo yet another travel option, apart from trains, buses and flights. BlaBlaCar’s service will remain the same where users travel together and share the cost.
Moreover, Ixigo recently launched its meta cab service, so ridesharing was yet another option the company will now be able to offer its users.
BlaBlaCar claims its service offered over 100,000 seats in the first 100 days of starting operations in India, across 700 different cities and towns.

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