BlackBerry Blackout in India?


BlackBerry Blackout in India?

As per the news reported by Timesnow, the Indian intelligence services are “putting pressure on Govt to clamp down on Blackberry”.

This comes after e-mails were found to have played a vital role in terror communications in the aftermath of the Glasgow, Mumbai and Hyderabad blasts.

Intelligence agencies say Blackberry devices flout license rules and Govt has urged to levy Rs 50 crore fine on Blackberry service providers”

Indian govt’s basic concern with Blackberry service is the location of blackberry servers

“..communication between Blackberry owners in the country is routed through a server located outside of the country, which is against Indian law. As per new telecom guidelines unveiled last year — control of remote access that includes activation, transfer of data, and termination — has to be within the country and not at a remote location abroad.[via] “

Well, if the govt. cannot upgrade it’s digital security infrastructure, the best way to cope up is to block services that are equipped with better infrastructure.

How cool is that?

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