Blaupunkt launches GPS Device for Indian Market


Blaupunkt launches GPS Device for Indian Market

Blaupunkt has launched GPS device, Travelpilot for the Indian market. Blaupunkt has a similar offering in UK as well and the India device will be priced between 18K to 26K (source).

Very recently MapMyIndia announced the launch of Navigator 2.0 that contains street level maps of 174 cities and 4,50,000 PoIs (costs 18-21K depending on the hardware).

The location navigation is an emerging market and vastly open to newer ways of monetization (most prolific being sponsored listings), location based services etc.

It’s interesting to note that the softwares earlier accounted for only 2% (of car’s cost) till 2000 and is expected to reach 30% of car’s cost by 2010!

In the near future car manufacturers will differentiate their product offerings by software applications inside the vehicle which will be a key factor driving sales. Despite the slowdown in the auto industry the market for software development will be robust

The software works on rev-sharing plan and the software companies keep 25% of the entire revenue from the sales. Few interesting use cases:

  • Microsoft and Hyundai have signed an agreement to build music and information systems in cars that will be sold in 2010.
  • Apple has partnered with Ford, General Motors, and Mazda that will enable the trio offer easy iPod connections.
  • KPIT Cummins’ software helps control the flow of oil to the steering wheel system that makes for easy navigation of the vehicle with less manual effort.
  • Software developed by Robert Bosch based in Bangalore helps children avoid placing their fingers while the car windows are rolling down.
  • Top-end Reva electric cars are kitted with two computers that regulate the use and production of electric energy in the car.[source]

Do you use navigational device?

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