How To Block Telco Javascripts : A Quick Guide For Publishers

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How To Block Telco Javascripts : A Quick Guide For Publishers

Indian ISPs Airtel and MTNL have been accused of injecting Javascrpts on browsers, altering a users’ browsing experience.

For example, the screenshot below shows how MTNL injected a Javascript code while browsing to display a full-height web banner that takes up about 25% of the screen real estate.

MTNL Banner

This is a breach of a user privacy and not to mention takes away from the browsing experience. While the battle for what’s right and wrong wages on with no end in sight, there are ways through which developers and users can combat this.

For Website Owners:

Website owners who don’t want data of their users to be scraped or ads to be forcibly displayed can simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Visit your website while using the connection from any of the accused ISPs.

Step 2: Find out its parent HTML tag which is being used to inject the ads. Ex: <div id=”airtelAd”>

Step 3: Add #airtelAd{display:none !important;} to your website’s main CSS file. [Hat tip: Vikas Rathee]

By adding this high priority CSS rule, no browser will be able to display injected ads on your website.

For Users:

Using plugins such as AdBlock works very well. Users can install the plugin on their browser and block ad pushing domains such as,, etc.

[Partly reproduced from Vikas Rathee‘s blogpost]

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