Block Spam Calls and SMS Using mobiwatchman

While there are quite a few apps to block spam calls, spam messages are an equal annoyance and Pune based startup, Optinno has a solution for this. They have launched mobiwatchman app that blocks spammy calls and SMSes (don’t you get the lottery ones or even from your operator?).

The neatly designed application checks for all the incoming calls/messages and a few interesting features are:

  • For calls/SMS from numbers not stored in your mobile, you will see a ‘Suspicious Call/Message’ pop up at the end of the call.
  • You can create list of words that you want each sms to be checked for (for example, lottery, yoga classes etc) and all such messages will automatically land in the ‘bin’ folder of the app.
  • You can view the detailed log of all the calls/messages blocked and can restore messages.


Its been few hours that I have been using this app and all I can say is that ‘it works’. The well thought out feature set is appealing and I’d recommend this to you, if you have been looking for a spam call+sms blocker (costs Rs. 199/ and supports Nokia, Sony and Samsung models).

As far as feedback is concerned, installation process is a little cumbersome. You need to enter IMEI number, and once you install the app, you need to enter the product key (sent via email) to activate the app. Strongly urge the team to take a look at the registration process.

The team initially will roll out the app on app stores and like XBlockr, will eventually take the retail route.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have trial option and that might be a hindrance in adoption, as they need to market their app and create awareness of the features to ‘aam junta’. Maybe a freemium model works in India, where there isn’t so much of awareness about apps.

Do give mobiwatchman a dekho and share your opinion.

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