Block Spammy Calls with XBLOCKR

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Block Spammy Calls with XBLOCKR

NDNC is an epic failure and now that tele-marketers are back in action, there is a dire need to have a call blocker app that can help one manage incoming calls.

Block Spammy Calls using xblockr
Block Spammy Calls

XBlockr, a product by Bangalore based Aquilonis Technology is a boon to all those who want to block pesky spammy calls.

The app is available for smartphones (GSM as well as CDMA) and is quite simple to use – the menus are activated during the incoming call and you are presented with four options

  • Duck
  • Duck Always
  • Drop
  • Drop Always

Choose an option and there you go – the free version is active only till 100 calls.

What’s interesting about XBlockr is that it works as-promised (a lot of mobile apps fail this test) and is too simple to use.

Aquilonis, the startup behind XBlockr is also into enterprise business and licenses its cross platform mobile technology [recently signed up an agreement wherein XBLOCKR will be available to all the customers of 17 operators spanning Middle East countries. ]

If you are frustrated with spammy calls, you have a friend in XBlockr. Do give the product a ring and share your comments.

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