Announcing: Blockchain Course for Product Managers and Business Executives


Announcing: Blockchain Course for Product Managers and Business Executives

Blockchain is the new Internet and is all set to create new business models and newer ways of dealing with networks and data.

As a product manager or business leader, its imperative for you to stay ahead of the proverbial learning curve and really geek on Blockchain – understand various applications, use-cases of Blockchain and how it will impact your industry. And most importantly, how you can decide on different Blockchain tech to use for your solutions.

We are extremely happy to announce the launch of Blockchain Course for Business Executives and Managers.!

Scheduled to go live on December 15th, the Blockchain course for Business Executives and Product Managers is an online, self-paced course which is spread over 9 weeks and is designed in partnership with Singapore based TuringLabs.

Blockchain course product managers
Blockchain course for product managers

Blockchain Course Curriculum

Our curriculum enables you to go beyond Ethereum and gain an understanding of all Blockchains and DLTs. We focus on learning through first principle thinking and try to inculcate the same in our course participants.

Our curriculum is designed with the learnings and insights, drawn while building real-life solutions for governments, established companies and start-ups from various industries and geographies.

Introductory Pricing

The extensive 9-week course is priced at Rs. 30,000 (+tax) 22,500 (+tax) for the first 100 participants or December 31st, 2018 (whichever happens first).

Grab your seat and get Blockchain ready !

» Get more details regarding the Blockchain Course here at ProductGeeks, the learning and community arm of NextBigWhat.

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