Blockchain- against fake drugs, for DNA breakthroughs, in India

AI and super-computing could be old news for compute-intensive and data-heavy genome-sequencing projects, but blockchain isn’t – more so; as when it comes to citizen’s genetic data, one could always make room for a new technology that is safe, immutable and secure. Same goes for keeping track of counterfeit drugs in the system.
In India, all that has begun – Using a blockchain database for collecting and storing data of some 50 million citizens and a blockchain Proof-Of-Concept (POC) for drug inventory.
The first one is what the government of Andhra Pradesh (AP) is pursuing so that collated data is stored in an encrypted form in a secret vault while anonymous genomic data is parked in a cloud and accessible for research uses. In fact, Chief Minister Mr. Chandrababu Naidu has been very excited and hopeful about use of blockchain-based technology in the field of predictive medicine in India.
The second one is what the Niti Aayog group is trying to push forth its aims for placing the entire drug inventory in India on a blockchain system. 
These moves could make India’s healthcare space quite radical and transparent by plugging in some major gaps ailing the industry for long.