The New Music Festival Economy Will Use Blockchain; Here goes the first one #OurMusicFestival

Solving resale-market problems, curbing fraud, wiping counterfeit ticket-market, spurring better artist-fan alignment and making room for relevance of fans in impacting an artist’s growth – all this would now be, finally, possible in the music industry, and via an unexpected instrument at that – blockchain.

For, perhaps, the first time ever, a music festival is about to run on blockchain. Get ready to enjoy both Zedd and technology’s new notes at the OUR Music Festival, or OMF, on October 20 in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza.

Here, an open ledger will be tapped to run a mobile app where fans can see all ticket purchases. Bonus factor- if a fan encourages other friends or gets an early ticket purchase, there would be crypto-currency earnings too; that can, in turn, be spent on exclusive perks at the festival.

OMF will establish the gateway for all transactions between consumers, artists and event organizers that participate in festival ecosystems: merchandising, production, hospitality, food and beverage service, brand sponsors, transportation – the possibilities are endless.
Built on Ethereum, OMF synergizes blockchain technology with a real-world product to fuel festival evolution.
Technology and music just got their heads banging together bruh.

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