Blockchain powering electricity – Yes, but not right away

A CleanTechnica survey reveals that even if it’s a great idea to try blockchain in the energy space, it would be customers and not utilities that would receive more value from blockchain solutions.
Removal of middle-men from the solution, and room for small-generation and microgrid proponents could explain this tilt. Incidentally, experts have considered smart contracts, via blockchains, more in favour of utilities given the monopolistic nature of the market and ease of tracking billing, supply and payment through technology.
Remember what’s happening at Northwestern University for shifting excess solar power amongst various parties? So energy can be produced and shared as an asset thanks to the ease of monitoring and trading that blockchain allows. Think of market rates sliding in instead of net-metered rates, Voila! More incentive to produce that solar power on one’s terrace, right? The age of prosumers!
In the survey, excitement for blockchain potential is low on vehicle-to-grid solutions though. The survey also covers areas like peer-to-peer charging solutions and demand management for major guzzlers like Tesla vehicles.

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