Bloggers – Learn how to license your content


Bloggers – Learn how to license your content

Plagiarism is quite prevalent in Blogosphere – and it doesn’t limit to the professional bloggers content, but impacts others too (my post on Gandhi/Web 2.0 was lifted and posted as-is without my permission).
So how do you fight plagiarism?

  • Keep searching for similar texts [can you really do that??]
  • And if you found one, inform the webmaster/hosting company?
  • Cut through the bureaucracy and wait for their reply?

Or else, you might want to try Lisensa?

Lisensa, provider of copyright transaction solutions for user generated content enables bloggers to define the terms of use for republishing of their post/articles/RSS feeds.

How does it work?
Blog registration process mandates you to select sharing options, based on which Lisensa generates a widget which you can embed in your blog.
The sharing options are:

  • Require attribution
  • Require a link-back
  • Allow only 500 characters
  • Set payment terms

And now, the million dollar question – What if inspite of all these licensing settings, you notice an infringement? Will Lisensa take care of the legal aspects?
This is what Lisensa has to say


“For the time being please email us and we’ll follow-up on an individual basis.”

Well, honestly isn’t that a lame answer? I mean, the core business proposition of Lisensa rests on the perceived notion that if I see an infringement, I expect Lisensa to handle the case legally.
But, not too sure whether it’s in the card [doesn’t come out too clearly].

The service is currently in US and it would be interesting to watch how Lisensa handles copyright issues.
The good news is that with the launch of Lisensa, I expect more companies to build solutions on these lines and in turn, build a consensus among bloggers for legitimate content. Such a service definitely helps in promoting the original content in blogosphere.

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