Blogging Tool Comparison Continued..

Continuing from my earlier post on wordpress vs blogger comparison

Few of the features that need mention are:
Well, if you are in Blogger and want to switch to wordpress, its damn easy. WP has a cool import feature. But this is a
1-way street.
cannot import wordpress/non-blogger blog to Blogger.
The only option is to copy/paste your blog (sounds quite naive!).

Also, WP does allow one to export the entire blog to an xml (Blogger still doesn’t).

Cool Features:
Wordpress’s blog traffic statistics stands apart.
They are sexy/to-the-point/ informative, while Blogger doesn’t by itself has a blog statistics section.
To view the blogger stats, one needs to use Google Analytics (which is way too extensive from a blogging perspective), or even other products (like blogbeat, statcounter etc.).
To me, its really important for the customer to stay in 1 integrated product, rather than keep switching between diff. products.
Google definitely lags in this area.

Having said that, one of the coolest feature of Blogger is posting to the blog thru’ email!
You can generate a unique email id which maps to your blog. Now, without logging in to Blogger, one can coolly send a post through email to this id and blogger in turn will post that to the blog.

Well, time for reality check.
The only reason why I would ever want to switch back to Blogger is the support for adsense scripts. I wonder why wp guys are so adamant about not allowing javascripts/adsense in wp.
I (and every fellow blogger) would want to make some money from my blog and wp’s strict rules area a huge hindrance.

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