Blogsome – Comparison with Blogger and WordPress

One of the biggest USP of Blogger over WordPress is that it allows embedding custom code/javascripts (e.g. adsense etc) in the template. While WordPress is one of the most widely used and technically advanced platform (highly customizable), it has a very strict no-javascript policy.

What if a blogging platform combines the beauty and usability of wordpress with the facility of using javascripts?

Check out Blogsome. It marries the wordpress themes with customizable css/files. I must say that customizing Blogsome is quite an easy task compared to Blogger. Here are a few advantages of Blogsome over Blogger:

  • Choice of WordPress theme – Blogsome uses the same codebase as WP (the no. 1 Blogging platform)
  • Self-Registration (Yeah, your readers can self-register and start Blogging with you (i.e. if you want to)
  • Blogsome combines the beauty of WordPress (themes, Akismet spam control, Categories) with the ability to add your own javascript (adsense/ads and other add-ons)
  • Ability to create pages – so for e.g. you can create, /contact etc – and this is one of the neat features that can prompt anyone to move to Blogsome.
  • Categories are very well handled. Going forward, one of the major issue that I see in Blogger is that in order to use the beta blogger (which supports categories/labels), I need to switch to beta blogger and screw up my present template.
  • Subscribe to category specific feeds – so if your visitors are interested in posts pertaining to specific categories, they can register for only those feeds and not the entire blog posts.
  • Last but not the least- its still not hugely popular, so chances are that you might get a blog address of your choice.

If you are new to blogging and have still not decided on the platform, I strongly suggest you to check out Blogsome.

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