Bloodline Brings Blood Donors And Seekers Closer With Its Social Network & Phone App


Bloodline Brings Blood Donors And Seekers Closer With Its Social Network & Phone App

bloodlinelogoWhen an accident or emergency strikes there is very little time to react. One of the first things you’d need in situations like this is blood. While there are a few organized places to go and get blood, it is often a tedious and time consuming process.

Bloodline wasn’t conceived over a lazy evening and a beer, or just as matter of luck. Instead, it came out of personal pain points the developers went through. The startup hopes to solve the problem of people having to call up multiple people and blood banks, by using the Internet and smartphone to speed up the process.

The developers of the app call Bloodline a social initiative to help people find blood donors almost instantaneously.

While other Android apps like BloodHelper, KhoonDaan and Indian Blood Donors offer a donor list, where Bloodline differs is that it contacts a suitable donor, using an algorithm and gives you a list of donors who are ready to donate and more importantly those that are nearby. The app periodically keeps a track of your location. It pings you only when your blood group it matched. Also you need not contact the donor but Bloodline does that for you.

Seeking to create a social healthcare network, bloodline exists both as an Android app as well as a web app.


The Android app allows users to both donate and request blood. The app notifies users if your blood group is required close to you so that you can donate when needed.

The request blood feature allows you to choose the blood type, the number of units and also the location where it is required. There is a status option to track your requests.

Another interesting feature of Bloodline is that it keeps tracks of the last time you donated blood, so that there is a good gap between two donations from the same individual.

The service which was launched just a week back has already seen around 500 sign ups on both the Android and web app. To further increase the user base the team is planning on ground activities as well as tie ups with various Rotary clubs.

Bloodline was built by a group of IIT-Madras Alumni and final year students at the institute.

A couple of months ago we profiled SocialBlood, a Facebook app, which aims to bridge the gap between blood donors and receivers. We found this to be a slightly more effective solution to the problem.

While most people could download the Bloodline app only at times of need, when this service will reach its full potential is when there are enough users of the app not only looking for blood but also ready to donate when called upon to do so.

 Download: Bloodline (Android).


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