Blufr – Learning Was Never So Much Fun

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Blufr – Learning Was Never So Much Fun

Take this quiz:
Actor Tom Hanks is a descendant of former US President Abraham Lincoln” – Way/No Way?

In the U.S., it is illegal to burn money – Way or No Way?

Well, answers to both the questions are: “Way” – i.e. Yes.
Stumped? Get more of such random and interesting facts from Blufr.

Blufr (from the house of presents a trivia-type game with set of random questions/answers. Each bluf shows the percentage of people who were fooled by it.

The site is too addictive and I must say that its the most creative way to have fun while learning random facts. If you have got time to pass, blufr!!

From Blufr’s site:

The site has so much more than just the traditional online dictionary and encyclopedia content. Did you know you can look up any actor, musician and video game on the site? Even the Harry Potter Dictionary is included among the service’s 3.5 million topics (and it’s all free).

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