BMW’s Futuristic Motorcycle With Augmented Reality Will Boggle Your Mind Away

If you were of the opinion that super cool, sci-fi motorbikes were made for movies only, you are wrong. BMW has unveiled a new futuristic motorbike that looks like it was custom made for Tron and Batman.

The Motorrad Vision Next 100 from the legendary motor company is the idea of the not so distant future, with ‘self-balancing’ feature, making the bike never crash. The frame, according to the makers is flexible, so it can change shape whenever a turn is made.

Along with the motorcycle, there is also the riding suit, which can keep the rider cooled or heated as required.

The coolest feature, however, is that this motorcycle of the future doesn’t requires you to wear a helmet. “With the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100, rider and motorcycle are engaged in a direct exchange. This takes place via the visor, a pair of data glasses comprising the entire field of view with an added wind protection function. The visor enables the motorcycle to stay fully up to date on the route and to project situationally relevant data directly into the rider’s field of view. If the rider looks straight ahead, no data is displayed, so as not to impinge on the riding experience. Only when action is required – for instance in case of hazards – or if the rider requests information, does the visor become active. In this case, the symbol of the digital companion appears in the lower third of the glasses: an upturned triangle forming two horizontal lines.”

Take a ride.

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