Volunteers From SAP Labs Launch Bol App For Kids With Autism and Speech Disabilities

For kids with speech difficulty, volunteers from SAP labs have launched an app that helps childen communicate using pictures and sounds.
The Bol app(link) has a home screen with a choice of activities/categories/feelings represented as a picture grid with associated labels and sounds.

Bol allows the user to customize by adding own content to the app using the device itself. The option to add your own pictures and record your own voice/sounds allows to personalize the app to your own language/ individual vocabulary.
The app, targeted towards kids with Autism, ADS and other speech related disabilities is designed to be used in two modes. The locked mode to be used during normal communication usage when the app cannot be edited.
The Un-locked mode to edit/add the content or customize the app for individual needs. These modes can be switched using the settings option and changing the lock on/off.
The Bol app is totally free and open source, for one to develop on top of it (Github link).

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