Bollywood Celebrities on Twitter – What Brands can learn from Twilmy Tweets?


Bollywood Celebrities on Twitter – What Brands can learn from Twilmy Tweets?

Priyanka Chopra is down with flu, Gul Panag is leaving on a trip to Masai Mara, Karan Johar is looking for a title for adaptation of “stepmom”, Dino Morea had KFC burger this weekend, Pritish Nandy is in Delhi today and Preity Zinta is currently reading ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale.

And none of this is mere gossip! All the tidbits are definitely authentic pieces of info for they come straight from the celebs’ mouths or rather from their tweets!  Thanks to the beauty and simplicity of micro-blogging, Twitter is no longer an addiction for just the Priyas and Amits of the world; but it’s an absolute hit with the Bollywood glitterati as well!

The latest tweet from Priyanka Chopra reads (copied verbatim):

Dhan ta first contest only ma tweeple!50 pesonally aughtographed KAMINEY audio CDs up for grabs! Try it!!

Bollywood Celebrities on Twitter

A contest on Kaminey by Priyanka Chopra herself! From updates to promotions, Bollywood celebrities have wisened up to all the right tactics to engage and interact with fans of this generation. From websites to forums and social networking sites, to official fan clubs, blogs and now twitter, they know exactly where and how to reach their relevant audience today. In fact accessing a celebrity was never before this easy! Instead of fans running after celebs to get their updates, celebs themselves are updating and directly interacting with their fans. They have understood the power of personal branding & the multiple merits of user-engagement in this age led by social media; each one of them is having their own reasone-d-tweet but nevertheless they are quite active on twitter now. Here are some interesting examples of how Bollywood celebrities are using twitter for different purposes:

  • Engagement & Interaction: Though all celebs are interacting but if I’ve to take one example then I must say it’s Gul Panag who knows the art of engagement & interaction with fans. One of the most active Bollywood celebs on twitter with 12,849 followers, Gul not only keeps on posting her updates, rather she responds back to tweets of her fans on a regular basis. Despite no release, Gul because of her tweets is definitely a hit in tweetistan.
  • Promotion: How to promote subtly without being treated as spam can be learnt from Priyanka Chopra who tweets in a way where she manages to promote her upcoming movies by interacting with her fans. And what a better way to reach out to 21,591 fans at one go, with an effort as miniscule as typing a 140 char tweet!
  • User feedback: User feedback is what Karan Johar or Tarun Mansukhani has been using twitter for primarily. Karan wanted some feedback on a movie title and look at the kind of response he got from the creative brains and his followers at twitter. Now that’s some food for thought for popular brands seeking quick & effective user feedback!

Beyond these, celebs like Pritish Nandy has been interacting with his followers through some very intellectual tweets which further fortifies his personal branding amongst his fans and followers or how can I forget Mallika Sherawat who knows the art of being in news even when there is nothing new to be announced. With updates like this or news like thisthis, do you really need a hit movie to make headlines? After all there is twitter & twitter’s office to keep your publicity going without any releases at the box office!

Mallika Sherawat at Twitter office
Mallika Sherawat at Twitter office

There are many more to this list, Preity Zinta, Purab Kohli, Shahid Kapoor, Uday Chopra etc. are all hooked on to twitter now. In a country like India where Bollywood is as good as religion & celebrities no less than idols, Twitter’s popularity amongst Bollywood celebrities is a definite indication of its rising popularity amongst the masses! There are people who have joined twitter just to follow & keep in touch with their favorite stars.

Considering the influence which celebrities have on Indian consumers and twitter becoming twilmy I’m wondering if the next trend will be celebrities endorsing brands on twitter or promoting services amongst their followers. How about celebs doing a twee-PR for the products in which they genuinely believe in or tweeting feedback about the brands/services which they actually love? After all when Gul updates all those lovely pics from her iphone, tweets about booking her international tickets at Cleartrip or Sonam posts about spending her free time with Xbox, aren’t these indirectly working positively for these brands :)?

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