Bollywood Movies to watch before you turn 30

Reproducing a post that I wrote for one of my most favorite Bollywood/Hollywood review site: Moviewalah ——— So what’s so special about turning 30? Because 30 signals the end of…

Reproducing a post that I wrote for one of my most favorite Bollywood/Hollywood review site: Moviewalah

So what’s so special about turning 30? Because 30 signals the end of recklessness and calls for responsibility in personal as well as professional life..
Moreover, there are things that people should learn/experience before completely going out on their own::

Here is a list of my favorite movies, which are fun to watch and have a strong message for the youth.

  • Lakshya – Do you know your passion in life? While most of us went to engg./medical colleges (simply because there was no other option known), there are a few individuals who really know what they want to do for the rest of their life (Pankaj Advani, Sania Mirza etc and several others). They tread the path less traveled, go against their parent’s wishes, stick to their gut-feeling and make it BIG in life. And its not easy. Its not easy to say “Yahi hai mera Lakshya”! So, before you end up with a “theek-thaak-job”, know thyself and know the RoCker within you. Watch this movie when’er you are in a doubt regd. your career.
  • Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar – One of those special movies which takes me back to my school days, and sing ‘Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumaar’. Sad that those moments will never come back. If you are still in college, find a reason to fall in love with, and enjoy those butterfly moments. Live it fully as long as it lasts.
  • Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa – Have a crush on your classmate? Envy her boyfriend? Wanna beat him up? Tried all the ways to woo her/impress her-but alas! Well, find your mirror image in SRK. KHKN is all about heartbreaks (and taking it easy), and puppy love – probably the only movie in which SRK was his true self.
  • Shiva – Story of an ordinary college-going-guy-turned-leader who raises his voice against the dirty campus politics,suffers, yet sticks to his core values. And finally triumphs over all odds. There are testing times in life (which if lucky, will bang into you pretty early in life), where we need to take a stand- whether to stick to our core values or compromise on them? Once decided, there is no turning back. Never.
  • Chashme Baddor – The punchline of this movie should have been “Bachelors – Foot Loose and Fi(n)ance Free“. Story of 3 unemployed chain-smokers; 2 busy chasing girls,while one of them is serious/academically inclined (read “ghissu”). Does that remind you of hostel life? People with different shades and tastes, and still together? Of all your friends, few will always remain with you (no matter what) and these friendships are to be treasured for life.
  • Dil Chahta Hai – Story of 3 friends, who are completely different from each other and yet very similar to each other. Most of us can easily identify with the carefree-dude Aakaash, ready-to-fall-for-any-girl Sam and the serious Sid.. The movie walks you through the journey of friendship :: from college-days to friends-turning-matured and getting-busy-with-their-life phase.
  • Rang De Basanti -“India sucks”, “Is desh ka kuchh nahin ho sakta hai” – How many times have you said this? Well, “Koi bhi desh mahaan nahin hota, use mahaan banaana padta hai”.”If you wanna make world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change”. Be it your country, your school/college, your street – its all about your action and not theirs. Do it yourself!
  • Sathiya – There is a huge difference between falling in love and marrying a person. While love is full of goodies, marriage is all about making adjustments and sacrifices. Make sure that you understand the difference and make the right choice.

So that brings me to the end of this series. I know that this list is far from being complete, but its a small attempt to collate few movies that have made a huge impact in my life.

Comments Invited.

About Moviewalah – A democratic site where one can post movie/music reviews. No bias (unlike other well known sites who are completely biased towards few actors/directors). Check it out. A must watch, I would say.

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