Bombil Menu App : This is what the restaurants ordered for

Bombil, a Mumbai based startup has launched Digital Menu App that using which customers can view food menu, drill down integrands detail & check pictures of any food item they…

Bombil, a Mumbai based startup has launched Digital Menu App that using which customers can view food menu, drill down integrands detail & check pictures of any food item they wish to order and place orders from the tablet itself.

It also allows you to LIKE any food item and share your feedback of the taste and the ambiance on Facebook. Hotels can very easily collect feedback and contact details of their customers to contact them for future promotions.bombil

As far as app features are concerned, hotel/restaurants can

1. Add/Edit/Delete Food items and Prices in the menu cards easily at any time.

2. Richer Experience: using the app you can give detailed information ( Name , Integrants , Calorie Meter, Country it belongs to, Photo of the Dish) hence giving the customer a richer dining experience.

3. Cross Selling: On selection of a certain dish the application can automatically recommend other dishes to go with it hence increasing the order size /table.

4. Integration with the POS: Using this application a customer can directly place order without having to wait for the Waiter ( Save cost on the number of waiter- Now they are only required to serve food)

5. Contact details and Feedback: Using this hotel can easily get contact details and feedback form its customer .Since our software is directly connect to the SMS/Email engine. Periodic sms and email reminder and special offers could be sent.

6. Marketing of Banquet Halls/Rooms : Once the order is place automatic graphical Ads of the other restaurants / rooms and banquet halls can be run.

As far as pricing is concerned, pricing is a function of volume and the company charges customers between Rs 300 – 500/month/installation. Since the launch a month back , Bombil has implemented App in Ramada Powai and Hari Mirch – Kandivali; and have received mandates from 3 other 4 Star and Fine dining restaurants  in Mumbai and Goa.


Here is a QnA with Ashwin Roychoudhary, founder of Bombil Media on the sales cycle and how restaurants perceive the ‘app menus’.

Pi: On what parameters are you selling the product? What value prop are you showing to customers?

Our product very clearly helps restaurants- reduce operational costs, increase revenue/customer, connect with the guests and more importantly give them a WOW dining experience


a) Printing Cost
Most high end restaurants need to design and print their menu cards every quarter.  (Reason – wear and tear, refreshing/adding the menu items)
b) Manpower
With our system where the customer can directly place orders to the kitchen,lesser number of waiters are required

a)Cross sell :
Ability to promote other services (Banquet Halls / Rooms / Other Restaurants) .Ads of other services can run once the order is placed and the tablet is kept in the stand
b) Up sell:
Increase Order Size (Our auto recommendation engine can suggest food items based on previous choices made).
e.g If you order a Chiken Walemoth ,the app could auto recommend a gravy or a wine to go with it. Even if only 1 additional dish is ordered /day via the recommendation engine, it more than makes up for the investment made in our system

CONNECT: In a fun manner , our app allows a restaurant  to collect email id’s/phone numbers of the guests and be your fan on FACEBOOK hence dramatically increasing the possibility of CONNECTING for future updates/offers thus  increasing loyalty.

Pi: What are the typical hindrances in adoption of such products (given taht its an offline biz)

Fear of Misuse /Damage of tablets (by kids / drinks spill) and adoption by non tech or older customers (Age beyond 65)

A super interesting concept – this is what the real B2B usage of tablets will be. What’s your opinion? A tablet revolution waiting to happen in B2B space?

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