These Cloth Dryers Are A Design (+Tech) Inspiration

Home utility maker Bonita’s has unveiled its retractable clothesline Delight, helping make one of our daily struggles a little easier – drying wet clothing.
The Delight is a retractable clothesline that’s fitted to holder that can be affixed on any wall. When not in use, the device takes up only a small vertical space, unlike permanently fitted solutions.
The clothes reel is made of U.V. resistant plastics, making it ideal for outdoor use without the worry of environmental damage. Further, the retractable clothesline has a maximum length of 40-feet, meaning it can be used in open spaces.
The tastefully designed devices comes in two colours – blue or purple – giving users somewhat of a choice to match it with their interior decor. The Delight is priced at Rs 895, and is a great for the ‘living room by day, clothes drying area by night’ solution.

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