Cleartrip connects the last mile, provides cab service booking to airports

The last mile connectivity is as important as the first mile. After flight, railway and hotel bookings, Cleartrip has now added another feather to its cap with the Cab services. This service does away with the hassle and tension of booking a cab every time you fly from one city to another. Now you can book your cab along with your flight tickets. The company has entered into an agreement with Meru and Easy Cabs to provide this service. What’s more? It’s free. Yes, Cleartrip does not charge the user anything for this service, but the user will have to pay the cab company for the ride at the drop off at the airport (i.e. a direct competition with online car rental services).


So how does it work? Basically once you have booked an airline ticket, a new option will pop up onto your screen asking if you’d like to book a cab to the airport. Thereafter you need to provide your contact details, pick up details and address. Once booked a confirmatory text message will be sent to your mobile phone either instantly or 30 minutes prior to departure, depending upon the cab service you select.

This service is presently available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad but Cleartrip plans to expand to other cities too.

The question that arises is what took them so long to launch this service when they had the resources and capability to do so. It’s not that these services are not available otherwise. There are sites that let you book cabs online or dial a cab services that bombard you with calls. But it’s just about giving everything on a single platter and making the journey more holistic that catches ones’ attention.

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