Local search player, Getit launches ‘Book an Appointment with Doctors’ module

Local search player, Getit has launched ‘Book an appointment-Doctors Module’ enabling patients to book an appointment on the basis of preferred location, timings, and doctor’s review and rating. Patients can also maintain a user account to keep track of appointments for themselves and their family. With the help of the personal module Doctors’ can plan their calendar in regard to the clinics/hospitals they visit, visit timings, number of patients, etc. and also mention non-appointment days. Through, Doctors’ login account, doctors can maintain a record of -patients’ profile, appointment status, venue of appointment, number of appointments generated etc.


Getit raised $4mn from Helion Ventures in 2009 and in 2010, sold 50% stake to Malayasian investor, Astro for INR 100 Crore. As far as the ‘Book an appointment-Doctors Module’  is concerned, we tried playing with the feature, but unfortunately, the systems seems to be too buggy (date dropdown doesn’t really show up/most of the doctor appointments aren’t available).

At the core, this is a neat concept, but we aren’t really sure whether the execution team is in sync with the marketing team at Getit. Do give the service a spin and share your comments.

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