ReleaseMyAd – Book Newspaper Classified Ads Online

Even though most of Indian newspapers have gone online, booking a classified in a newspaper is still an off-line process. Something that we would easily term as a big pain and a generation behind.

There surely has been a need to bring in ‘structure of the internet’ into print media industry, and that’s exactly where ReleaseMyAd – an online venue to book print classified has chipped in.

ReleaseMyAd enables one to book newspaper classified ads – the company has tied up with national newspapers (ToI, HT, Hindu, Telegraph) as well as regional brands like Sikkim Express, Rajasthan Patrika etc.

Creating an ad is a multi step process – you need to select the ad format (text vs. banner), Newspaper (and edition) and the relevant category, and plan the schedule and pricing of the ads too.

The user interface of ReleaseMyAd is quite smooth, yet some improvements would be imperative to simplify the process of ‘booking-an-ad’ over the current industry model of just making a phone call to an ad agency.

ReleaseMyAd is accredited by the Indian Newspaper Society (I.N.S.), the primary governing body for all media publications and the company is directly competing with Times’ Ads2Book service.

Overall, we believe that ReleaseMyAd has neatly addressed a severe pain-point and would be useful to many. Do give it a spin.

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