Cash the Crash – Book Review [101 for Investing/Identifying Opportunity During Recession Time]

Recession is in and it’s time to hit the sack and say all negative things about it! Not really. Cash the Crash paints a very positive story on recession and…

Recession is in and it’s time to hit the sack and say all negative things about it! Not really.

Cash the Crash paints a very positive story on recession and talks of why (and how) is it a big opportunity.

Authored by Yogesh Chabria (he started investing in stocks when he was 16, writes for moneycontrol, was a contributing author to the International Bestselling Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul) and published by CNBC, Cash the Crash is a 101 for understanding finance/recession and how it can be used to leverage future growth. The book is written in simple english and is an attempt to demystify the recession story (and the opportunity).

Most importantly, the book helps you understand the basics of investing and pitfalls to avoid (for instance, does high risk/high return manta  always holds true?), what are the basic parameters to know while investing etc.

The book is written in a conversational manner (feels like you are talking to Yogesh over a cup of tea and samosa) – and has a very down-to-earth appeal (though this might not go very well with few readers) and to a very large extent, motivational (has interesting stories).

Yogesh tells you simple methods that can help you understand your net worth/ how to understand balance sheet etc /whether you should invest or not. The book, to me is a must read for those who are influenced by TV analysts – who go with the flow of time (remember few guys talking about sensex reaching 30K et al? Same guys now say ‘recession is the Armageddon!’) and end up losing money (and are not at all in control of their decisions).

Why you should read this book?

One single reason why I just loved the book (and read it in almost one-go) is the positive tone in the book (“infact, recession isn’t that bad! there are tons of opportunities” – this sentence keeps echoing throughout the book) and the amazing simplicity (jargon-free) with which Yogesh has demystified recession (and the big big opportunity)!

I recommend this to those who have lost money in share market, to those who have lost job (and aren’t able to find another), to those who are still waiting at the shores for the ‘next slumdog millionaire story’!


Some of the interesting chapters in the book (to give you a sneak peek):

  • How to benefit from crashes, slowdowns and recessions
  • The Big Crash and how it happened
  • How the Sub-Prime pav bhaji changed the world
  • Robber Hood and The Bail Out Package
  • How to be Like The Monk Who Mortgaged His Ferrari
  • What the Rich Guys actually mean when they say the economy is terrible
  • The Greatest Destruction of Wealth In History
  • Why this is one of the best opportunities in history for India
  • Going from Crash to Cash
  • Why having no money is a great opportunity
  • How a simple idea helped a 23 year old make over a billion dollars
  • Do we have Pet Elephants in India?
  • How to understand Financial Statements like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss
  • How to understand Real Estate, Commodities & Currency
  • The Monkey Who Didn’t Buy His Ferrari
  • What Shahrukh Khan can teach you about investing
  • How to detect a crash before it comes
  • Future Investment Opportunities
  • Why you never have to be unemployed

As far as my feedback is concerned, I would have expected the book to go a little more into the depth – some of the philosophies discussed were at the surface level (but I guess more depth would have taken away the simplicity of the book). Nevertheless, the idea behind is to get one started thinking rationally about investment – and book does achieve that.

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