Get Rid Of Bookmark Clutter With FavSync, an Automatic Bookmark Organizer


Get Rid Of Bookmark Clutter With FavSync, an Automatic Bookmark Organizer

favsyncMost of our bookmark folders are cluttered with link and at times it becomes difficult to find the wanted links amongst this clutter. It takes time and patience to organize bookmarks, and most of us are lazy or don’t feel the necessity to do it.

This is where FavSync, a Belgium based startup, with its automatic bookmark categorization comes into play. The service helps us maintain our bookmarks lists as short and categorized as possible.

FavSync takes your long lists of uncategorized bookmarks, categorizes them, stores them on the cloud and presents them to you in a clear way that is accessible from anywhere and any device. It also allows you to easily share and sync groups of bookmarks with other users. More like a DropBox for bookmarks.

Existing bookmarks managers solves problems for a specific types of bookmarks, in this case FavSync tries to provide solution for all your bookmarking needs.

The product offers a number of tools for organizing your bookmarks, other than just collecting them, like you can hide your bookmarks, publish them, assign keyboard shortcuts, clean dead, unused and duplicate bookmarks, archive bookmarks, search inside bookmarks without opening them and more.

Favsyn features

FavSync add-on for browsers allows you to add or import bookmarks directly from the browser and access bookmarks from anywhere. The add-ons are available for both Chrome and Firefox at their addon stores.

The service currently has 1200 users and is growing everyday. In the bookmark management space it competes with service like Zootool, Delicious,, Symbaloo, FaveBucket and knowledge management tool like Diigo.

The company has planned different revenue models for different audience. A Competitive Suggestions model through which the service will suggest a competitor’s websites to the added bookmark. For example, you will get a suggestion of CNN when you add BBC or any other website CNN asks to be suggested. A Premium model for more professional users with lots of bookmarks or big organizations that need to collect bookmarks together in a massive scale.

In the future the service plans to build a gamification concept on the website through which users will gain points for accomplished tasks and will get free premium features accordingly.

Some new premium features are also being planned, like an option to take a snapshot of your FavSync page to restore it later, undo button, unlimited users you can sync categories with and others.

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