Bookmark OS: Unlock the potential of bookmarks!

Bookmark OS is an web app that functions as an intuitive and elegant bookmark manager that lets you easily organize, sort, and browse your bookmarks just like files on your desktop.
It uses AI to give you automatic folder suggestions for your bookmarks (you can sign up for it at $1/month).


What Does Bookmark OS Do?
The Seattle-based startup developed in 2016 the web app Bookmark OS with the intention to help users organize their bookmarks more efficiently. It is a browser-based, ad-free bookmarking platform that helps users organize, sort and browse through bookmarks as easily as viewing any other files on their desktop.
One of the key attractions for users is the ability to access the same bookmarks from multiple devices. The platform can easily be synced across a desktop or laptop computer, tablet PC, and smartphone, so users can import and view the same bookmarks as required.
The addition of Notes allows users to note down thoughts, ideas, or anything else that comes to mind with a simple click on the note icon. Notes can then be efficiently organized or arranged along with other bookmarks saved on the Bookmark OS desktop.
The new Time Filter feature allows users to search for bookmarks based on a customized date range.

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