Borofy is a rental marketplace where you can rent over 400 products (all sanitized)

Borofy offers over 400 products, all sanitized with free delivery.

The e-commerce rental marketplace acts as an aggregator to maximize the “idling capacity” of different underutilized assets, by making items available on rent for someone who needs it momentarily, say a GoPro for Goa trip. Borofy offers over 400 products, all sanitized with free delivery.


About the founding team :
Shatadip Majumder is the Founder of Borofy, having over 9 years of experience in full-stack web development. He founded Borofy to solve the problem of temporary needs, like a camera for a trip or a PS4 Game Disc for the weekend at a cheap price point. Shatadip is also a vegan animal rights activist.

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