Bose Soundwear Wireless Wearable Speaker Brings Immersive Ear-free Experience

So far, you needed to plug the earphones/headphones in your ear to enjoy the music / answer calls.
But then, folks at Bose continue to upp the bar and the Soundwear Wireless Wearable Speaker product brings an ear-free experience.

Bose Soundwear brings patented waveguide technology, digital signal processing and upward facing speakers surround you in deep, rich sound, creating a truly unique and immersive sound experience (and again, an ear-free experience).
Truly for the ones who wanna get things done, keep listening to music and don’t like the ‘in-ear’ experience.

And now comes the real question. What’s the price of Bose soundwear in India? Well, Rs. 25,600.

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