BOSS Motors wants to be the boss of local garages in the country

Automobile maintenance industry is an unorganized industry in India and Mumbai based BOSS motors is building a one stop automobile service solutions provider for local garages that provides them with…

Automobile maintenance industry is an unorganized industry in India and Mumbai based BOSS motors is building a one stop automobile service solutions provider for local garages that provides them with a range of back end services which reduces time and effort of mechanics and garage owners ensuring professionalism, excellence and smooth flow of operations.

Currently, local garages do not have any sources for labour supply, spare part supply, technical training, spare part deliveries, proper management etc and Boss Motors aims to provide them with proper administration, technical expertise, timely training, material supply, Door step deliveries and updating them with the latest technologies in the market. In short, BOSS acts as a partner in supplying garages with what’er they need to convert the garage into a professional authorized service station.bossmotors

The BOSS affiliated garages will get following services as part of the deal: Boss member certification, All products delivery, cheaper purchase, Website & toll free number, Labor Supply. (Technicians, welders, painters etc), Management and Technical Trainings, Car Scanners, Tools and machinery, Bill collection, Insurance renewals / Insurance claims, Database management, Bank overdrafts, Health insurance, Provident fund schemes and CA & accounting services.

You are trying to change the behavior of garage owners. Given the complexity (and unorganized nature), what’s your value proposition to these garage owners?

We are not trying to change the behavior of garage owners, they themselves are aware that with changing times if they don’t upgrade and use modern business practices, slowly and steadily they would extinct from the maintenance industry. We are providing them with a source by which they can compete with major players in market by improving the quality of their service delivery. Every garage owner has a dream to own an authorized like service station some day, We are just fulfilling this dream of theirs. Having said that every garage owner has an average purchase of Rs. 70,000 to 1,00,000 a month on which they don’t really get any substantial discounts. Our discount structure would save their 7,000 to 10,000 Rs a month. Secondly we are offering our members alignment balancing at Rs100, Car wash at Rs 50, Car scanning at Rs. 250 which is 25% of the current market rate that would increase their margins by 75% on these services that they provide to their customers and we will provide them with work-space where in they can park any number of their cars and work on them. To sum it up garage owner knows for sure that this organised structure of working will make maximum car owners turn to them.

Please share the monetization plan and rev share with garage owners.

We charge garage owners an one time enrollment fee of Rs. 10,000 and monthly fees to avail our services is Rs.1000/-. We select garages that commit to follow Boss code of ethics and give them Boss affiliated garage status. Boss affiliated garages enjoy added benefits over member garages, the prime being they get to attend the nearest customer to their location that dialed our toll free number. Monthly fee of Affiliated garages is Rs. 2500/-. Major revenue generation is from high volumes of sales of products and materials needed for car maintenance.

Future plans?

Our vision and mission is very clear, We have Navi Mumbai, Mumbai and Thane on our Phase 1/2 list and then Maharashtra and Goa, We wish to expand and organize Auto maintenance industry all over India and then plan on entering the car manufacturing arena. If you meant short term plans then primary objective is to source funding and then start a pilot in Navi Mumbai.

The team has an extensive experience in automobile industry – Founder, Akshay Gaikwad (Chairman & MD) is an automobile engineer with an experience of managing a Maruti Authorized Service Station in Turbhe.

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