Bottled water is this century’s biggest global scam: Here is all you need to know

Bottled water is this century’s biggest global scam.

South Korea has probably the safest tap water in the world – but everyone there drinks bottled water – the govt had to run campaigns to encourage people to drink tap water – with little success.

I used to initially think its a problem because of the plastic waste generated. Bad

Much later I realised that a lot of water & energy is wasted in bottling. Very Bad

More recently learnt how the bottled water industry has diverted waterways away from local lands. Evil

I think we need a global day against bottled water.
In many countries/places we will still need some filtration at the point of use – due to poor pipes & various reasons. But simple & cheap filters can serve the purpose. Tap water mostly does not need RO filters.
Only if there is groundwater, it requires wasteful RO filtration.
Many people in India – despite having govt tap water supply – either use RO filters or use bottled water.
Please don’t do this. This is nothing but privilege.
Use other types of filters (UV/filtration etc.) which dont waste that much water.
Most NRIs refuse to drink RO water when visiting India. Please dont be like this.
RO filters dont leave anything in the water – not even water 🤪. RO water at your India home is probably safer than your mineral bottle of doubtful origin.
Many low income people across the globe – have no option but to buy & use bottled water
They have no tap water supply & RO filters are expensive/unavailable/need electricity.
No human being should have to struggle so much for clean water. Governments must be held accountable.
All you privileged folks casually drinking bottled water when eating out-not bothered about farmers native lands going dry due to a scam of unimaginable scale

Ask if restaurant has filter water-most places have
I drink filter water at Bengali Sweets in south ex -never been sick.

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