“If not you, somebody else is gonna do it.” – Startup Lessons From Box.net Story

Yesterday, California-based Box.net announced $48 million funding (in Series D) to expand its Cloud based data storage service (collaboration based).

What’s interesting is that the company was started in a dorm room and the founding team used to answer customer support queries sitting in a class room.

Watch these two videos where CEO Aaron Levie shares great learnings.

  • Do something that was not possible three years ago,
  • Do something you are extremely passionate about,
  • Don’t compromise,
  • If you feel comfortable, you’re probably not doing it right, and
  • Don’t write your obituary too early

1. Launching From the Dorm Room

2. Five Solid Startup Lessons

An important quote from the video: If not you, somebody else is gonna do it.

What’s your take?

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