Box-Office Flops – Did Sony miss the AI eye?

32 out of the 62 films that Sony released between 2015 and 2017 fizzled out. No that’s not news.
The news is that someone from the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) claims that when algorithms analysed screenplays for these very films, 22 of these 32 box-office failures were smelt as damp-squibs easily enough.
As per a new report from Variety, Nadira Azermai, Scriptbook founder said- If Sony had used our system they could have eliminated 22 movies that failed financially.
Scriptbook, Highland, WriterDuet and Final Draft may not be familiar names in movie-business now but in some way or the other that AI promises, or at least professes, happen to be turning into crucial filters of scripts that work and the ones that don’t. Because seems like AI can be better, if not just cheaper, than humans in sieving scripts, sniffing out strengths, weaknesses, industry trends etc. to separate the ones with Box-Office-potential from the ones better fit for the trash-box.
This entails everything from predictive demographic targets, character analyses, emotions on a scene-by-scene basis to Bechdel test (adequate and non-trivial representation of female) assessments.
Interestingly, screenwriting software players have started to allow analysis of scripts for something as nuanced as gender representation this year.
Great, but can the pulse of viewers be better read by machines now? Have even humans been able to do that right till now?

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