Now you can upload your MS Office documents online using

I have been interacting with guys for quite some time [over features that I would love to see] and must say that guys are very good listener and have a strong PR.
They listen and adapt to user feedbacks.

And that explains their leap from just another storage service to a damn cool service in the last few months.
The latest offering from their factory is Office on Demand service – i.e. seamless integration with‘s online space and collaboration facilities.
In short, you can upload your MS Office docs directly to your account – all in a single click!

As Alex [of] mentions:

This new product is a plugin to Microsoft Office that allows you to save files directly to a folder on your account with a single click (and maybe a password). As you can see, this is a great way to be able to edit documents within Microsoft Office, yet have them exist online, and will be especially helpful if you’re jumping between computers or devices. Soon, we will also add sharing functionality via the Network.

Other coolio service from is their flash widget – i.e. you can share your files in your site/blog [and users can download them!]. Even wordpress has an official widget.

I believe the next milestone for should be to create plugins for online office suite (as of now, you can only edit the stored office docs using Zoho) and partner with maybe, Google?. By the way, Zoho has partnered with OmniDrive, i.e. you can store zoho office docs directly in omnidrive. It’s time for to enhance their ecosystem by bringing in such partnerships.

Download the’s office plugin.


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