BPUTAlert : Mobile Alert Service for University

Six months back, I shared my prediction regarding the rising mobile communities and how they can potentially create intent based groups.

BPUTAlert is one good example of that.

BPUTAlert is a college startup that is offering alert services for university (as of now, it seems that it’s valid only for BPUT university)- has tied up with smsgupshup for delivering the smses and is targeting advertisers to monetize the service.

BPUTAlert currently provides:

  • University Notices
  • Results information
  • Campus Drive Information
  • News From Colleges
  • Information Regarding Techno Management fest all over India
  • Career Information etc.

I have been helping few college entrepreneurs in their venture and one piece of generic advice to them is that what’er one plans to do, first get your solution implemented in your college/university (even Google did that @ Stanford).

Your college is your first customer, your home turf and if you can’t convince them to implement the solution/use your service, you have a tough time ahead.

BPUTAlert, so far seems a promising execution but they need to really iron out the site/product if they want to grow the product to cater to other Indian universtities.

What’s your take on BPUTAlert?

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