Samsung the Most Attractive Brand in India; Really Now?


Samsung the Most Attractive Brand in India; Really Now?

Here’s another one of those gems that the survey producing industry churns out every now and then. A new report says that Samsung is India’s top ranked brand based on attractiveness followed by Sony, Nokia, LG and Tata.

The report is by Trust Research Advisory which ranked more than 1000 brands in the country. As you know, we’ve got a serious problem with such surveys and reports, which lack analysis and importantly, sample size not representative enough to call it ‘national survey’.

Let’s look at the survey first. The results are below. The study was based on interviews of over 2000 consumer influencers in 16 cities.

Brand Attractiveness Personal Gadgets

Global brands like Apple, Microsoft and Pepsi took a back seat when pitted against Indian brands such as Amul, Bajaj and Titan. When it comes to brand attractiveness in India’s technology category, Dell, ranked at the 10th position, beat Apple (19), Hewlett Packard (31), Lenovo (46), and Google (133).

Brand Attractiveness Technology

Among personal gadgets, BlackBerry was ranked at 52, Micromax at 68, the iPhone at 81, Lava and HTC at 112 & 114 respectively. In the Internet category, Google (133) led the ranking followed by Yahoo (280), JustDial (296), Facebook (297) and Askme (364). Full ranking here.

Whats wrong?

Take a look at rank 215: According to the report, Amitabh Bachchan is a sports personality!  Need we say more? And to think that it is being sold for over a thousand bucks!

PS: While mainstream media will cover the report as-is (thanks to the sensational part of Samsung beating Nokia and Apple), we believe that such reports need to be read with cautiousness (like 60 Million Women in India are Online : Google Indian Study).

PS: Well, Samsung could be ahead of Nokia and Apple in India, but the report with only 2,000 sample size and random results makes us skeptical.

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