What Indian Brands Can Definitely Learn from Netflix

So one of things consistent among (most) Indian brands is:

  1. Lack of humor.
  2. The desperation to curb criticism (rather, inability to take criticism)
  3. To compensate for (1) and to ensure (2), they spend $$ and buy media (for e.g. influencer marketing).

To give you an idea, we at NextBigWhat often get TONS of requests from agencies to post tweets pertaining to brands/launches (especially when these brands get trolled) and our only condition is that these tweets will carry the hashtag #sponsored. And brands aren’t comfortable with that..our competitors, on the other hand are amazingly cool with paid social media posts without mentioning the #sponsored hashtag.

Why am I bringing this?
Because I feel pity for the brands.

Most brands are so run by effing boring and lazy teams that they have no interest in thinking deep and instead of looking at marketing as a way to connect with the audience, they run by vanity metrics (i.e. marketing = trending hashtag), which could be a legacy carried from the founders/leadership teams.

But then, there is Netflix, which handled ‘Radhika Apte’ trolls so beautifully that everyone is talking about it!

So my dear brand marketers: Use your APT(e)itude !

A bit of humor won’t hurt your brand, but buying media is definitely the laziest option out there.

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