84% Recruiters Say Easier to Hire for Great Brands. Here’s How Your Startup Can Be One

A survey by professional network LinkedIn has found that 84% of corporate recruitment professionals believe that the employer brand has a significant impact on ability to hire great talent. Sure it doesn’t matter a lot in the very early stage, but a founder with major reputation will often find it easier to hire.

The report, for which 3379 corporate recruiting professional were surveyed had other findings too (see the infographics embedded towards the end of this article).

But for startups, this is an important takeaway. That it must build a brand.

If you are wondering how to go about it, here are 8 must read articles we’ve published before.

  • Six Banana Peels : Brand Creation Basics as You Grow: This piece is aimed at entrepreneurs who have a good product/service with a significant market differentiator and want to get it to the next level. Since good ideas are hard to come by, it is only natural that one would want to nurture it and present it to the market in a way that the perception of the product/service is as good, if not better than what it intends to achieve. In the brand game, over-promise is as potential a threat as an under-promise or generic positioning. On your way to brand-dom, one can easily outline what to do. But a combination of what-to-dos and what-not-tos (from a day to day pragmatic perspective) will go a long way. Read here.
  • Does your Brand have a Fragrance? Tips on How to create Brand Property: Creating a brand property that sticks is probably the greatest communication strategy. A brand property is a very subtle art and it’s difficult to put your hand on the why and what of it because it deals with the way human beings consume communication. Read here.
  • Sad but true: Many Indian brands do not prefer being called Indian [maybe lessons for Indian startups?] In India, where locally produced brands are often seen as inferior, businesses consciously choose to build a “fake” foreign image for themselves. An abundance of foreign-sounding goods available at any high-end Indian mall makes it look as if India doesn’t manufacture any consumer goods of its own. But is it really the case or merely a well-planned illusion? Read here.
  • How Startup Hokey Pokey Sells More Ice Creams With Social Media: To say that social media is a great leveler is stating the obvious. It is the 21st century equivalent of David’s “sling and smooth stones” for smaller companies to take on Goliaths. If you are a consumer startup, a good social media plan will perhaps go a long way. To gain insights on how its done, we caught up with Rohan Mirchandani and Milap Shah, the co-founders of premium ice cream brand Hokey Pokey owned by their startup Drums Food International.   Hokey Pokey has over 100,000 likes on Facebook and Rohan has co authored a paper on “Increasing the ROI on Social Media marketing,” published in MIT Sloan Management Review. Read more here.
  • Five tips to choose the best Facebook Cover Page for your brand: Facebook is the ultimate forum to get your brand out there. And a revolutionary, attractive cover page is the way to start. The first thing on your page to catch your customer’s eye is your cover page, and an appealing cover gets them involved enough to check out your whole page. So, how do you make your cover page charming and gripping enough to captivate an audience? In this article we bring to you 5 valuable tips to take your cover page to the next level. Read here.
  • Simplistic Tips to Market your Brand on Twitter: Many businesses use Twitter for marketing. Though lot of strategies have been formed in twitter marketing, some simple aspects are often ignored. This post is about how to successfully ‘brand’ your tweet. More here.
  • How To Protect Your Brand Name [Legal Resources]: Investing your time and money to build a particular brand and seeing the same brand name being used by another, robbing you of your hard earned brand reputation is not an agreeable state of affairs. Many a time, trademark owners end up in protracted litigation because when the time was right, they did not protect their brand name. Protection of brand name is not a difficult task. A few simple steps, as explained below and you would have the much-needed legal protection to your brand name. Read here.
  • How To Select A Good Brand Name [From Trademark Perspective]?: Trying to market a poor trademark which is similar to another registered mark may entangle you in legal disputes Therefore, before registration of a trademark it is essential to know the marks which are prohibited under the trademark law. Read here.

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