Brands can’t live Without Facebook & Twitter Anymore


Brands can’t live Without Facebook & Twitter Anymore

The rate at which social platforms are expanding into new territories, such as Facebook’s sudden rise as a commerce platform, and newer platforms like Google+ slowly gaining audience, there is no better place for a brand to be other than social media communities.

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Even though these trends are not entirely new, there has been a rise in industry wide acceptance as a platform to build the brand and its customer base. Companies and brands have finally realised the influence and power that social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can provide them.

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Indian organizations use social media much more than the global average and their counterparts in emerging economies, according to a report. Facebook, with 78 million users, leads the charts in India. Last year saw more than 100 Facebook campaigns in India i.e there were more than 8 campaigns running simultaneously per month, the report by Ernst & Young said.

Twitter with its huge celebrity presence has its own sphere of influence. Trending on twitter is a much sought out social engagement for brands and companies, but trending for the wrong reasons can turn out to be a nightmare. According to the Social Media Marketing: India Trends Study 2013, Twitter was the second-most important channel for Indian companies and brands to establish their social media presence.

Here are some interesting facts and figures from the report

  • 95.7% of the surveyed organizations in India use the social media as a medium to build communities and advocate usage.

  • 89.6% of all surveyed organizations placed Facebook as the most important platform for online social engagement.

  • Majority of social media-savvy organizations respond to fan queries within 30 to 60 minutes on Twitter and within 30 minutes to a few hours on Facebook.

  • Advertising agencies today have started to create YouTube specific ads as against re-purposing TV commercials.

  • Picture contests are the most popular contests among social media-savvy organizations in India.

  • Many of the surveyed organizations use tools for online monitoring, response management, or managing social media platforms.

  • 83% of the organizations surveyed have used social media ads, with majority of the ads being used to promote a contest/promotion or for brand awareness.

  • 41.5% of social media-savvy organizations said that around 1%–5% of their marketing budget in spent on social media.

  • 75% of the organizations surveyed have their social media budget below Rs 1 cr, while a little above a quarter of the others have social media budgets exceeding Rs 2 cr.

  • 76.7% of social organizations said they have their marketing department handling social media.

  • 73.8% of surveyed social media-savvy organizations have chosen standalone digital agencies as compared to PR, ad agencies, or freelancers.

  • Almost half of the surveyed organizations are already using emerging platforms such as Pinterest, Google Plus, and Foursquare.

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Inspite of these upcoming trends, social media sites like Facebook has been seeing a decline in user growth rate. Netizens are also slowly getting accustomed to emerging social platforms like Pinterest, Google+ and Foursquare.


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