Luxury Brands Like Presence In Apple App Store Compared To Google Play Store


Luxury Brands Like Presence In Apple App Store Compared To Google Play Store

Of the brand apps downloaded from Apple’s app store and Google’s Play store, a majority were in the technology & media sector. The retail sector came in only in the third spot as far as app downloads were concerned, according to a recent report.

As far as revenues were concerned, 317 apps from 27 top global brands generated revenue in the Apple App store in October, with Apple’s word processor Pages as the most lucrative app. Apps from Disney, Samsung and Adobe dominated the top 10 on the global Google Play store top revenue chart, with Nemo’s Reef by Disney in the top spot.

Brand Presence

In terms of App presence across various stores, 92 of the top 100 global brands, included in the report, were present in the Apple App store, while 75 of the brands were present on Google Play store. Only 28 brands among the top 100 appeared in the Amazon Appstore, the Global Brands in the Mobile Landscape 2013 report by Distimo.


Apps from some of the top global brands which belonged to the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and alcohol sectors where missing from both the app stores. These include brands like Corona, Gillette and others.

Brand Preference

An important noticeable difference between both the app stores was the presence of luxury brands like Cartier, Hermès, Porsche, Prada and Smirnoff in the Apple App store, but not in Google Play store, the report said. This shows how brands tend to consider iOS devices users as a premium user compared to other platform users.


Most of the apps from top global brands on the Amazon Appstore came from the technology, business services, electronics and media sectors. The least common sector on Amazon included automotive, FMCG and luxury.


In the Apple App store, YouTube received the most downloads, with Facebook and Google Maps right behind. In terms of the top publishers on the Apple App store, Google ranked in at No. 1, Apple No. 4, Disney No. 5 and Facebook No. 14.


Whereas in the Google Play store, the most downloaded app was Facebook followed by Facebook Messenger and Adobe Reader. In terms of top publishers Facebook ranked at No. 1 followed by Google at No. 2, Disney at No. 15, Adobe at No. 19 and eBay at No. 60.

In the Amazon Appstore, apps from Disney accounted for six of the top 10 spots on the global top free downloads.

The report tracked over 270,000 apps worldwide and 3.2 billion downloads per quarter. Full report here.

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