Brazilian Government Uses Tinder Bots To Spread AIDS Awareness

Tinder Bots – is there anything we hate more?! Well, there’s a first for everything and we may finally have bots on the popular matchmaking app that are up to only good.
Tinder Hornet Brazil Gov AIDS
The Brazilian government has begun using popular matchmaking apps to spread awareness about condom use, in an attempt to counter the spread of AIDS.
Faux profiles of three men and two women were created on apps like Tinder and Hornet (matchmaking app for gay males) who were pretty open about their interest in prophylactic intercourse. Any Brazilian who would them match with them would immediately receive a message warning them about the risks of having unprotected sex.
The initial pilot for the program ran from January 23 to February 1, and was backed up by government officials putting in the leg work to visit places like LGBT bars to promote AIDS awareness.
Arthur Chioro, Brazil’s minister of health says this won’t be the last time the government implements such a program. However, in typical ‘we’re too big for you’ fashion, Tinder’s VP of corp comm shot out a tweet (now removed) saying that the program violated the company’s terms, according to TheVerge.
Hornet on the other hand has said that it will work alongside the Brazilian government to improve the campaign and help in the fight against AIDS. Our two cents to Tinder – first fix the problem of your platform being riddled with the harmful type of bots, and let this one slide.
[Source: Engadget]

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