Too Many Complaints About Your IVR Customer Support? Breeze App Might Have a Solution

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Too Many Complaints About Your IVR Customer Support? Breeze App Might Have a Solution

BreezeA good customer support system is one of the most important assets of a company and if done wrong can also be a big downside. Bad customer support can even affect product sales. IVR is one of the most common point of interaction between a company and its customers and very rarely do we come across one which is easy to use.

Bangalore based techie Manju Hanasi’s washing machine,an IFB Senorita Plus that was working flawlessly for almost 6 years, broke down suddenly as if it had a major heart attack. After much fumbling through the IVR system, he got connected to the operator.

“I had to listen to the IVR for almost 5 minutes before I arrived at the right option. I was hating IVR interaction by that time,” says Manju Hanasi, Co-Founder of Breeze.

Many of us could very well relate to this feeling.

These frustrating experiences with IVR interaction gave him the idea to develop the Breeze IVR interaction app.

Breeze is a free Android App that will help users interact with IVR systems easily. The app will allow users to ‘browse’ IVR options instead of listening to them through the app, and only upon choosing to call an option, the app will dial all the intermediate IVR options for the user.

Breeze App menuBreeze, launched in January 2014, has a database of about 100 IVR services in about 20 categories. Upon first start, the app loads the IVR data from the cloud and works in offline mode thereafter. So the users don’t have to be connected to Internet to use Breeze. When the Internet connectivity is available, the app automatically updates any new services added.

The app also allows users to ‘bookmark’ their most frequently used IVR options for any service. It also remembers the most recently called IVR option (just like the way a mobile phone remembers phone calls) and this facility can be used to call the same IVR option in a single step.

Some of the IVR service available on the app include Carzonrent, TaxiForSure, Dominos, BigBasket, Samsung, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, BSNL, TataSky etc.

Companies on the app can also benefit from options in the app which are not related directly to the IVR system. For example, the app can be used to show some information, FAQ and their answers etc. They can also bundle the service as their “customer care” module. With the app supporting white label branding, it can also be integrated with ease in the companies App.

Currently the app is free for the user and the services to be integrated but in the future the startup has a revenue model in mind – free for end users and charge for the companies.

For now the company has only released an Android version but the iOS version is being beta tested internally and will be released soon. The company is also partnering with IVR providers and companies in order to provide integration of the service with the app.

Integration with SMS and API are some of the features planned for the future.- with this planned feature, instead of initiating a call, the app can fetch the data and show it to the user. The app also plans to target services based in European and South Asian countries.

If you are a business looking to simplify your customer service experience, give Breeze a spin.

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