BrightPod, the Collaboration Tool Now Supports 7 Languages, Is Being Used by 500+ Clients

BrightpodBrightPod is a product that lets you organize and track all your digital marketing & creative projects in one platform. Users can create Pods (i.e. Projects) using a custom workflow or some of the standard workflows to start assigning tasks to the team and its members.

Until now this service language was limited to English and with this new addition the service will also be available to users in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Hindi.

Brightpod languages

The service brings a fresh perspective to collaboration and smartly targeted towards a segment (marketers) which is very often neglected by other task management tools (like Asana).

Some of the main use cases of  BrightPod are

  • manage client retainer business by having all client projects and communication in a central location.
  • manage content marketing from a central place.
  • use the editorial calendar to plan content marketing.
  • use pre-built marketing workflows to kick-start customer projects.

Currently the company has 509 clients using the product from over 60 countries. A majority of this clientel are digital marketing agencies and teams.

Now users can collaborate better amongst the team in a language of their choice other than English. This will also reduce the time team, freelancers, agency etc take to collaborate as it is more comfortable in your native language rather than English.

You can read the detailed review of BrightPod we had done earlier.

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