Britain is funding development of fully autonomous military systems : Drones which can kill on their own.

Charles Darwin, if alive today would have been a sad man.

Men have evolved so much that they have now started doubting their own intelligence. This could happen only if there is a fault somewhere. And evolutionary theory would have to be blamed for that.

The best and most important jobs are of the decision makers, but slowly we have realised that those decisions are not impartial. It is because the decision makers are not impartial. It is because we have not clearly evolved from our ancestors. Because we still carry the heavy burdens of biases and prejudices and our anthem is “Life is a zero sum game.”

The most important decisions are those which involve life, usually killing, rather than saving life. History has shown us that those decisions were made with impunity. Pure savage decisions with much more than animal instincts. Clearly we failed to evolve then, so what else could change in just a couple of hundred years?

Now when we don’t trust ourselves, let’s bring in the machines, which we have ourselves built in. Trust them to make right, the wrong.

UK government is now funding development of autonomous military systems, which are dubbed as “Killer Robots”.

A fully autonomous system is the one which has no operator input. So it sees and acts on it’s own, without any kind of human intervention. It can act to kill or not, on it’s own.

The report from Drone Wars UK claims the MoD is trialling a “predictive cognitive control system” that has been deployed in live operations at the Joint Forces Intelligence Centre at RAF Wyton. The system takes huge quantities of highly complex data, beyond the comprehension of analysts, and uses deep learning neural networks to make predictions about future events and outcomes that will be of “direct operational relevance” to the armed forces.

Earlier massive protests within Google lead to it withdrawing from multi-billion dollar Project Maven of Us DoD.

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